What are Pallet Trucks and How are they Used?

Pallet trucks are used to make lifting processes easier and safer, so they can be carried out in less time and a more efficient way. Any site worker or business owner will know that it’s important to work this out, so all lifting processes can be optimised and you can get the best results out of your whole team. It can even go so far as to revolutionise the ways that teams work together, allowing for better teamwork and giving people in the team the chance to do what they do best, by making the heavy lifting parts of their role easier.

There are different kinds of pallet trucks that can be used for different lifting processes, and to achieve different outcomes. Any lifting processes that involve moving large, flat items can be sped up by using a pallet truck. There will be some suitable pieces of equipment to ensure processes are sped up.

What different kinds of pallet trucks can you buy in the lifting equipment market?

There are various types of pallet truck that can suit different purposes and different working environments. One of the main decisions you will have to make from the off is whether to choose a manual or powered pallet truck, much of which will come down to the availability of electricity, and to pricing factors. Once this decision has been made, you can focus on the other features of pallet trucks and their lifting functionality.

Here are some of the main types of pallet truck you can buy:

  • Hand operated pallet trucks. These might be known as pallet jacks or forks as well depending on the brand. They are a low cost, good value option for moving pallets, and might be carried in lorries and vans to assist with lifting processes on the road where there isn’t access to electricity.
  • Electric powered pallet trucks. A step up from hand operated pallet trucks, the electric version will make it far easier to move pallets and heavy loads. The handles can be used to move and lift pallets with great control.
  • Specialist pallet trucks. If something a little different is required, choose a specialist pallet truck. Various brands are available and they can help you tailor your lifting processes and make them easier, regardless of what you need to achieve.

If you have an existing pallet truck and it’s either broken or needs to be overhauled to make it last longer, there is the option to purchase spares for it. Many lifting equipment brands and suppliers will offer spare parts so once you’ve identified what you need, it should be quite a simple process to buy them online. Make sure you buy the same brand components as your pallet truck, or if these aren’t available, at the very least be sure to buy compatible parts. A lifting equipment supplier will be able to advise you further and let you know which parts will be fully compatible and won’t compromise the quality of your lifting pallet truck.