Types of Lifting Slings and their Purposes

Different types of lifting slings are used for different types of lifts. It all depends on the kinds of lifts you’re performing, the weight, the shape, and the type of crane that’s being used. Here are the different kinds of lifting sling and their uses:

  • Chain slings. This type of sling is very robust and can be used in harsh, difficult conditions. Slings are available with one leg, two leg or four leg designs.
  • Webbing slings. These might also be known as polyester duplex slings and they consist of two layers of webbing and reinforced eyes. They are flexible and lightweight, and can generally lift up to around 20 tonnes.
  • Round slings. Similar to webbing slings, these lifting slings will use load-bearing polyester yarns and polyester jacket to form the basis of the sling. Weights of 50 tonnes can usually be achieved when the slings are fully certified and purchased from a reputable supplier.