Some Signs you Could be in Danger of an Electrical Fire

Many electrical faults are minor, but if they are bigger then they could result in an electrical fire. This could be very dangerous, resulting in serious damage and even harm to people. Electrical fires can spread very quickly and it is always in your best interests to try and prevent them from occurring.

If you notice any of these signs, you should contact a qualified electrician straight away:

  • A smell of burning. Sometimes, it might not be immediately obvious where this is coming from. See if it happens when you turn on electrical sockets or lights. If it does, it could be directly related and is a big concern.
  • Appliances that malfunction. Anything at all that is connected to the electrics and malfunctions is a worry. If you can, unplug it immediately. If it is hardwired, switch off the appliance and contact your emergency electrician.
  • Circuits that trip. If this happens occasionally, it is probably fine. If it happens regularly, you might need to take it more seriously.