A Buying Guide for Electric Chain Hoists

Buying electric chain hoists requires many different considerations on a variety of specifications and topics to ensure the correct product is purchased. It can be difficult when specifying an electric chain hoist for the first time, or if you are not sure whether a manual hoist, electric chain hoist or electric wire rope hoist will be the best option. In general, an electric chain hoist can lift loads of up to around 50 tonnes. If you need a higher capacity, you may need to think about a different lifting option. When you choose an electric chain hoist, you can choose the option that best suits you for your processes, your... Read More »

Getting the Most Out of a Forklift Truck

Forklift trucks are very good value for money and can be great for use in warehouses, factories, areas where lots of equipment or items are being stored, and even shop floors or larger industrial environments. One single forklift can do lots of different jobs and can be highly valuable when used in the right way. When using forklifts and buying them in the first place, think about the range of tasks they will carry out, which will help form a decision on which kind you will buy. Once you have a forklift truck already, it is very important to maintain it well and keep it in good condition. It will... Read More »

A Bespoke Jib Crane for Improving Processes

Jib cranes can be made bespoke as well as bought already complete, so you can specify capacity, height, mounting options, and anything else that is important. Jib cranes are highly flexible and can help with all manner of business processes. With a bespoke jib crane, even more will be available to you and there are many ways you can make it your own. If you are considering a bespoke jib crane, the initial step you need to take is to think about your needs. Consider the processes already in place for things like packaging, handling and lifting – what needs to be improved? What would make your services faster, and... Read More »

What are Grade 10 Chain Slings and Why Choose One?

Chain slings are used to make lifting easier, safer and more efficient in a wide variety of commercial and construction environments. If you need a chain sling to complete lifts, grade 10 chain slings can offer you the functionality you need while giving you very good value for money as well. If you don’t need a grade 12 chain sling, but you need more than a grade 6 or grade 8 chain sling, then grade 10 is likely to be the ideal option for you. Grade 10 chain slings are used with cranes, hoists and lifting equipment to ensure that loads can be lifted safely and as conveniently as possible.... Read More »

Types of Lifting Slings and their Purposes

Different types of lifting slings are used for different types of lifts. It all depends on the kinds of lifts you’re performing, the weight, the shape, and the type of crane that’s being used. Here are the different kinds of lifting sling and their uses: Chain slings. This type of sling is very robust and can be used in harsh, difficult conditions. Slings are available with one leg, two leg or four leg designs. Webbing slings. These might also be known as polyester duplex slings and they consist of two layers of webbing and reinforced eyes. They are flexible and lightweight, and can generally lift up to around 20 tonnes.... Read More »