Drum Lifting Equipment for Safety on Site

Moving heavy objects on site like drums can be awkward, not just because of the weight of the cylinders, but because of the shape and size of them. Even with the manpower of many people lifting drums up together, you almost definitely won’t be able to do it by hand. This is where drum lifting equipment comes in. You should plan to use this every time you are lifting or handling drums, to make sure you can lift them safely. One of the most popular types of drum lifting equipment is the type that can be attached to a fork lift truck. This will ensure it is flexible and versatile... Read More »

Some Reasons to Choose Used Cranes

Cranes are often utilised on building sites, during construction processes and at various manufacturing facilities, workshops and factories. Overhead cranes are one of the most widely used types of permanent crane, and they can offer you incredibly good lifting capacities – 20 tonnes is easily achievable from some of the leading crane brands. Cranes need to be used carefully and their usage needs to be carefully monitored under various health and safety clauses and acts. If you own and operate an overhead crane on your premises, then you really need to think carefully about everything you do with it. Whilst you know you need to be safe, many site operatives... Read More »

Some Signs you Could be in Danger of an Electrical Fire

Many electrical faults are minor, but if they are bigger then they could result in an electrical fire. This could be very dangerous, resulting in serious damage and even harm to people. Electrical fires can spread very quickly and it is always in your best interests to try and prevent them from occurring. If you notice any of these signs, you should contact a qualified electrician straight away: A smell of burning. Sometimes, it might not be immediately obvious where this is coming from. See if it happens when you turn on electrical sockets or lights. If it does, it could be directly related and is a big concern. Appliances... Read More »

Generating Electricity Using Living Architecture Smart Bricks

A team of Scientists at the University of the West of England have developed smart bricks that are capable of retaining and recycling waste water, and able to generate electricity from the sunlight absorbed by the living architecture of the bricks. Each brick is made up of microbial cells and algae which form a process where new detergents are produced, electricity is generated, phosphate is reclaimed and water is cleaned. When combined with computing and engineering bioreactor walls can be created which will enable them to adapt to the various environmental factors inside the buildings, essentially adapting to the people inside the building using digitally coordinated mechanisms that will detect their presence and modify the... Read More »

Switchtec signs distribution agreement for surge protection

An agreement has been drawn up between the Specialist distributor Switchtec and French surge protection specialist, Citel, which will provide exclusive distribution rights to the wide and vast range of Citel’s surge protection equipment within Great Britain. This means that the company will be able to improve the infrastructure focus more on the DIN rail mounted AC surge protectors market. The CITEL AC power surge protectors, have been developed using a patented technology that combines a high energy varistor (MOV) network and a specific gas tube (GSG). The specialized circuit has been built into certain SPDs, so they can achieve a higher protection level, longer life duration (due to the suppression of leakage current), and continuous operation and power... Read More »