Building Control Systems – Designed Around You

A building control system, usually operated using a control panel, is a way of bringing all aspects of a building’s functional processes into one place. This makes it more convenient and also more secure, especially if you choose a bespoke system that has specific security settings programmed in. A control system can be designed to control everything inside a building. They are most often used in commercial buildings, where there are multiple systems to control and administer. These can all be linked together to create one larger system that is run from one central place. Some of the systems that can be controlled within a building control system are climate,... Read More »

Manufacturing Components – is it Part of the Design Process?

When you have a new product designed, the process of designing it and manufacturing it often go hand in hand. But how much can you rely on the two parts of the process being completed together? Will it be more beneficial for you to approach design and manufacturing as separate processes or one complete process? It will usually depend on the product design company you work with and what their usual process is. It will also depend on their facilities and how much they are able to do on the site. For example, some companies may be able to carry out processes for manufacturing some components in their own workshops... Read More »

Reasons people choose Garage Door Remote Operators

The garage door is a significant expansion to any home or office. It offers the look of a little outside house where you can park your car, store essential products and work on essential family unit stuff for repair purposes. A garage door remote includes beauty as well as makes your life of opening and shutting the door very simple. Technology has progressed quickly in the past few of years. The traditional garage door is presently progressively getting to be distinctly old and is being supplanted with remotely operated doors. If you are interested to find out about why a garage entrance remote is more favourable when contrasted with the... Read More »

Looking for a Local Electrician in Leicester?

If you are looking for an electrician in Leicester it’s worth considering Bright Sparks Electrical Services Ltd. They are certified and experienced electricians with over 20 years in the industry offering complete home wiring and new build electrical installation services for the whole of leicestershire, covering both commercial and domestic properties. Their services also include: Lighting installation & Bespoke electrical installations Power installation Inspection and testing Security alarms, Fire alarms and lighting Extensions & Repairs Boiler and heater wiring All their trade-persons are City & Guilds qualified and fully CRB checked, with an impressive portfolio of the work carried out for their various customers over the years. Bright Sparks are approved electrical contractors for Travis... Read More »

Should You Get Surge Protected Power Adapters?

All UK plugs are fused anyway, and some devices are not really going to cause a problem within power devices unless your daisy chaining power adapters, which is basically not a good idea (as mentioned in a previous article). Though if you have sensitive electrical equipment that’s going to be drawing power through each gang on the adapter throughout the day, like a computer system and the external devices such as a monitor, Internet Hub/Router, Printer, etc… then it’s advisable to get a power adapter with a surge protected circuit to prevent damaging your sensitive electrical equipment in the event of a power surge; better to be safe than sorry later when... Read More »