Temporary Electric Supplies in Property Development Work

When you’re involved in building a new property, it can be important to organise a temporary electric supply for the site you’re working on. These kinds of connections can be formed within the site boundary, but then re-routed to the house when the work is complete. It’s essentially the initial electrical stage for many properties, and it’s an important step in any new development project. A temporary supply usually requires a secure and watertight cabinet within the boundary, while it should always be set up by a qualified electrician. You also need to remember to set up a meter with an energy supplier, who will then make sure the connection... Read More »

Electrical Apprenticeships

The electrical contracting industry is a crucial part of the construction industry, and while there are many courses for electrical contractor roles, apprenticeships may be more appealing. In an apprenticeship, you get the opportunity to work on residential, commercial and industrial properties, and you’re earning money, getting experience and learning as you go. It’s fair to say that the money is not great, but it’s a route into the electrical contractor working environment, and there’s a good chance you’ll land a job when you complete your apprenticeship. While there are plenty of technical skills you need to learn, you’ll also be able to build good working relationships with people, and... Read More »

Do Electricians Need to Specialise?

Somebody who has electrical training can do anything from working with mechanical devices, to installing electricity within a new home; but are their expertise enough to get the job done? When an electrician is working on a new build, this question is perhaps less relevant, as they are just wiring an empty shell, but when they are working on existing buildings, breaking walls to access the wiring may be necessary. This complicates matters considerably, as any damage of professional work needs to be repaired to the same standard it was before, or else they risk bad reviews from their customers. There is probably only two solutions to this situation; either... Read More »

Can Electrical Apprentices be Trusted

Electrical apprentices are obviously not going to be the most experienced contractors you can use but they need experience to progress. The only problem is they may not be well equipped to handle challenging electrical problems on their own, so if you’re offered the services of an apprentice is it fair to ask for an experienced electrician? It depends on the project, and some apprentices will be more than capable of carrying out electrical tasks, but it is always important to check with your electrical company to see how experienced their members of staff are. You may find that a young apprentice can offer more determination to get a problem... Read More »

Electrical Training

Self learning some of the tools of the trade of electricians is something which quite a lot of people are interested in. Learning some basic skills and understanding in electrical matters can really open up your options when an electrical problem arises. Most people don’t like to call up tradesmen to deal with every little thing which arises in a home, so achieving some basic competence in the field is something which all home owners should aim for. This could just mean learning how to wire a plug properly, so that you don’t always need to hire somebody else to fix your appliances simple problems, or it could mean learning... Read More »