Writing a Health and Safety Policy for your Electrical Contracting Business

A health and safety policy is an important part of your business, setting out to staff members how they should be conducting themselves and showing your customers that this is a priority for you. If you don’t currently have an official policy and just do things your way, then this needs to change – industry experience isn’t enough here, as it doesn’t filter down to your employees, subcontractors and customers. If you are concerned about writing a health and safety policy, don’t be. The main thing is to convey what you are doing and the steps you take, and much of it is common sense. You can hire an external... Read More »

Choosing a Fit-Out Team

An office fit-out is an important, major project that is going to take up lots of time and energy. It needs a multi-faceted approach, with different teams and professionals taking care of different aspects of the process. The electricity in the building is one of the most important aspects, and it is beneficial to find a team that either includes an electrician or works with an electrician, so you don’t have to source someone yourself. A qualified electrician is a real asset for any job. They will manage the electrical contracting, as well as carrying out any work required for electrical and lighting systems in your office. If you’re working... Read More »

Commercial Electrical Contractors for your Next Project

There are many different types of electrical contractor, many of whom will provide great customer service and really know what they are doing on site. However, each electrician or contractor will have their own specialism, so if you need a large commercial job completing, it is best to contact a commercial electrical contractor. They will be used to working on a larger scale and will be more adept at overcoming problems in these types of properties. Safety is, of course, the most important aspect when working with electrics. Contractors must know commercial properties and have a full understanding of the regulations that must be met. If you work in a... Read More »

Checking the Wiring is Safe in your Home

The wiring and electrics can sometimes be a cause for concern in a residential property. It may be an older building, or it may be new and the wiring has been put in cheaply. If this is the case, you may notice some inconsistencies in your lighting systems. These may include failure of a light to switch on, bulbs blowing regularly, lights blowing the fuse box or certain light fittings looking poorly installed. It is especially telling if LED lights are blowing, as these should last for years. It’s a good idea to check out any concerns you may have about your wiring, to be on the safe side. Ask... Read More »

A Qualified Electrician is so Important

For any electrical and wiring work, you need to hire someone who is qualified. This person will be an electrician. Don’t just get anyone to do the work – it needs to be someone who is fully qualified and has plenty of experience. Don’t take people’s word for it, either. You should ensure that people are qualified electricians when they are going to carry out any work on your property. Check certificates and that they are a member of the trade. Never be tempted to carry out any electrical work yourself. It is incredibly dangerous and you could get a serious electric shock from tampering with wiring or electrics. Even... Read More »