Some Signs you Could be in Danger of an Electrical Fire

Many electrical faults are minor, but if they are bigger then they could result in an electrical fire. This could be very dangerous, resulting in serious damage and even harm to people. Electrical fires can spread very quickly and it is always in your best interests to try and prevent them from occurring. If you notice any of these signs, you should contact a qualified electrician straight away: A smell of burning. Sometimes, it might not be immediately obvious where this is coming from. See if it happens when you turn on electrical sockets or lights. If it does, it could be directly related and is a big concern. Appliances... Read More »

Temporary Electric Supplies in Property Development Work

When you’re involved in building a new property, it can be important to organise a temporary electric supply for the site you’re working on. These kinds of connections can be formed within the site boundary, but then re-routed to the house when the work is complete. It’s essentially the initial electrical stage for many properties, and it’s an important step in any new development project. A temporary supply usually requires a secure and watertight cabinet within the boundary, while it should always be set up by a qualified electrician. You also need to remember to set up a meter with an energy supplier, who will then make sure the connection... Read More »

Electrical Apprenticeships

The electrical contracting industry is a crucial part of the construction industry, and while there are many courses for electrical contractor roles, apprenticeships may be more appealing. In an apprenticeship, you get the opportunity to work on residential, commercial and industrial properties, and you’re earning money, getting experience and learning as you go. It’s fair to say that the money is not great, but it’s a route into the electrical contractor working environment, and there’s a good chance you’ll land a job when you complete your apprenticeship. While there are plenty of technical skills you need to learn, you’ll also be able to build good working relationships with people, and... Read More »

Dealing with Construction Consultants

The construction line is no joke as there are so many elements to consider before starting a building task. Things can get more confusing when it’s your first building assignment. This is why it’s better enlisting the services of construction consultants who will be able to inform you more about the building process and possible risks. It is the consultant’s job to examine the different aspects of your project and present tips so that you can effectively handle its issues. They are experts at development and should have a degree in something related to construction like engineering and should have completed some basic building safety training. These experts work either... Read More »

How To Keep Your Child Safe Around Electricity

As we all know electricity is an extremely dangerous energy supply, but also one of the most important for every day life. When you have children, you need to take precautions, as they can be exposed to all kinds of hazards. Here’s a few steps to help you ensure safety. When adding socket covers, bear in mind that you shouldn’t rely on these to prevent electric shock, without checking that the installation is/is not safe. Avoid leaving an unconnected cord plugged in and switched on, as young children may be tempted to put the cord inside their mouths. After your child has a wash, make sure that they’re dried thoroughly... Read More »