A Buying Guide for Electric Chain Hoists

Buying electric chain hoists requires many different considerations on a variety of specifications and topics to ensure the correct product is purchased. It can be difficult when specifying an electric chain hoist for the first time, or if you are not sure whether a manual hoist, electric chain hoist or electric wire rope hoist will be the best option. In general, an electric chain hoist can lift loads of up to around 50 tonnes. If you need a higher capacity, you may need to think about a different lifting option.

When you choose an electric chain hoist, you can choose the option that best suits you for your processes, your applications and your individual requirements. There are many factors that might affect the hoist your select. This is your general buying guide, to help you understand what might be needed when buying an electric chain hoist so you can consider the various options available.

Hoist Capacity: the Most Important Factor in Choosing the Right Chain Hoist

The hoist capacity is the first thing you will need to think about when choosing an electric chain hoist to suit your lifting purposes. Be sure to check the specification of the hoist carefully to know whether it will be able to lift the loads that you need it to. A hoist should never be used to lift a load that exceeds its maximum capacity. this is very dangerous and can cause issues, the worst case scenario being death or serious injury. Hoists are only designed to lift loads of certain capacities and they must be used in the correct way.

Maximum Lifting Height: Covering All Bases With Your Chain Hoist

Think about how you will use your chain hoist over the span of its lifetime, not just in the short term. This will help you assess the lifting height needed, and accurately choose a suitable one. Longer chains can be an expensive replacement in future, so if you may need a higher lifting option for some lifts, it is better to account for that now.

What Type of Suspension Will You Pick?

There are various suspension options that you can choose with an electric chain hoist. The hook, lug or eye is the most simple suspension option, which is a static connection to something like a shackle. A beam travel trolley is the other option for lifts that require horizontal movement. These can be both manual and electric.

Only Ever Buy From A Reputable Supplier Who Can Advise You on Electric Chain Hoists

Hoists needs to be properly specified, properly maintained, and serviced on a regular basis. A reputable lifting equipment supplier can give you advice on how to manage the process and can inform you about your different obligations in terms of looking after and servicing lifting equipment. You will need to keep careful records and ensure equipment and hoists are being serviced at the right time, in the required way. This is all an important part of the buying process: understanding what will be needed long term.